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4 Reasons Why Fall In Florida Is So Much Better Than In Texas, From A Local To Both States

It's just way more convenient for so many reasons. 🌴

Florida Associate Editor
Associate Editor, Jenna Kelley in Florida. Right: The outside of a Hephill, TX lake house.

Associate Editor, Jenna Kelley in Florida. Right: The outside of a Hephill, TX lake house.

Jenna Kelley | Narcity, Brittany Cristiano | Narcity

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I lived in Florida and in Texas and I've experienced autumn in both states. I wanted to love the mid-west's seasonal changes and quickly realized a Florida Fall was just — to put it simply — better.

The scorching heat starts to dip in temperature, and even if the rain's to blame, it's the biggest relief from our sweaty days.

In Texas, it was a dry heat that made you scream for a water bottle, and in the snap of your fingers, it was extremely cold. If it rained, you might as well get a canoe to your next destination.

Sure, Florida has hurricanes every once and a while, but as someone who worked close to meteorologists in a West Texas newsroom, they are always looking on the edge of their seats for the next hail storm.

It's not just the weather that makes Florida the better candidate, but so many other factors take place from a convenience standpoint. Let me explain...

You don't need to do much shopping.

As explained above, since Florida weather doesn't change much, you don't need to drastically change your wardrobe.

A throw-on jacket (Floridians love flannels with rolled-up sleeves), leggings and some ankle booties will get you by, but make sure to wear light socks so you don't get sweaty feet...gross, I know.


Florida fall is not much of fall but i’ts still fun to incorporate fall trends and even fabrics! #fallstyle #fallfashion #falloutfit #falltrends #floridafallfashion #floridafalloutfit #haileybieber #wardrobeessentials #easyoutfit #minimalstyle

When I was in Texas, I needed to buy a whole new set of clothes every four months. It was so tough for me to just see cute outfits sitting in my closet for 3 seasons out of the year until I could wear them again! It felt almost like a waste of money.

Meanwhile, a flannel in Florida goes a long way, like a cover-up on the beach, and you get your money's worth year-round. Whereas, most cities in TX are landlocked and you have a lake at best.

Waiting for your windshield to defrost...what does that mean?

One of the absolute worst parts of my days in the Lone Star State was sitting in my car to wait for the windshield to defrost. If you didn't have an ice pick, you'd risk being late to work.

You only really get this kind of cold in Florida's panhandle, and based on my days in Tallahassee, it is not often.

You can see fall foliage and have a beach getaway.

There is so much more variety in the Sunshine State. In the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas, you will get palm trees all year round. In the Northern region, you can see the fall leaves change color and truly get that "autumn" feel.


pretending it doesnt bother me that fall weather doesnt exist in florida #fall #ChewTheVibes #beachvibes

The foliage change from the panhandle to the Southern coast allows you to enjoy a Pumpkin Spice latté with the postcard monthly scenery or pretend like it's summer year-round — but with better weather for a good hair day.

I can't say the same for Texas.

You don't have to swerve around the seasonal animals.

I have never seen a deer in my life until I moved to Texas. In fact, I have never seen so many dead deer in my life until I moved to Texas.

When they say "deer in headlights", they aren't kidding. On my way to work, I'd constantly be swerving around massive dead deer laying in the middle of the road as they were, unfortunately, hit the night before... and it can call for a bad accident.

Florida has iguanas, and when it gets too cold, they freeze to death and fall out of trees. No, kidding. However, they are way smaller than deer.

All in all, the shops change products, people decorate their homes with fake leaf wreaths and you still see people craving the smells of potpourri on the East coast. In Florida, you get the most consistency with the same traditions, whereas, in Texas, it's a bit different.

As a Floridian through and through, I rest my case. Now, I'm craving a Pumpkin Spice Latté at Starbucks...

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