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This TikToker Is Viral For His 'Only In Florida' Stereotypes & The Internet Is Cracking Up

All of his videos will make you say, "that's so Florida!"

Contributing Writer, Florida
Josh Robinson in one of his TikTok videos holding a sandwich. Right: Josh Robinson in one of his TikTok videos.

Josh Robinson in one of his TikTok videos holding a sandwich. Right: Josh Robinson in one of his TikTok videos.

There's a viral TikTok creator who only makes Florida stereotype videos. His series "Only in Florida" has gained him millions of views and the internet is obsessed with his content.

Though his real name is Josh Robinson, he goes by @omgitswicks and he reacts to some of the wild things that you truly will "only see in Florida."

"I love spreading positivity. I love the fact that my content which may not seem like a big deal to me at times can change people's lives for the better," Robinson said.

He shares his content with more than a million people on TikTok. The creator said the series started out as a fun way to highlight the "unique" experiences of Florida and quickly took off after non-Florida residents became stunned with each short-form video from his account.

"A lot of things that seem normal to Floridians I’m learning are not normal to the rest of the US," Robinson said.


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Josh is 38 years old with 2 daughters that, he says, "are his world." He was born and raised in Southwest Florida and spent 5 years living in Immokalee before moving to Fort Myers and graduating at Riverdale High School.

Before finding success on TikTok, Josh worked in local radio and podcasting.

"I’ve always had a passion for entertainment it just started with me doing music. Eventually, that lead me into podcasting. While podcasting, we started to use sketch comedy to promote the podcast. I fell in love with sketch comedy," he said.

When his daughter started a TikTok account during the pandemic, that's where it all began.

Many of his videos have gone viral, though some were unexpected.

"I would say the video that I didn’t expect to perform as well as it did was the one I explained why Florida had screens over the pools and the one I did last year about hurricane categories in Florida," Robinson shared.


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If you're getting a good laugh in with him on TikTok, you can also find him on Youtube for more full-length videos!

"I actually have two shows on YouTube right now called What In The Florida and also the Omgitswicks Show which is a sketch comedy show," he said.

The influencer continues to make more content, like a Surviving Florida series, which he started to help new Floridians deal with Florida.

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