Pics Of Pensacola Show It's A Flooded Mess Right Now (PHOTOS)

Parts of a brand new bridge are even missing.
Hurricane Sally Flooding Pensacola Photos

Hurricane Sally has caused catastrophic flooding in Pensacola, with photos showing that the city is under several inches of water.

The City of Pensacola Facebook page urged residents to stay inside and avoid roadways this morning, sharing photos of severely flooded streets.

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The latest update from the National Hurricane Center places the center of the hurricane close to the Alabama and Florida border with sustained winds of 49 mph.

Meteorologist James Spann also posted recent photos to his Facebook page showing that parts of a brand-new bridge in Pensacola are missing due to the storm.

A flash flood risk map shows a range of marginal to high percentages across northern Florida, with most of the panhandle at a 50% or higher risk.

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