A new bar called Fowling Warehouse has finally fully opened to the public in Atlanta, and it combines both football and bowling to make for a uniquely fun night out.

Fowling Warehouse totals over 25,000 square feet and can hold over 400 people, but is currently only working at 35% of its capacity due to COVID-19, accommodating about 135 people.

With more than 40 TVs, the venue will also provide a great gathering place for friends to watch their favorite sporting events.

Fowling Warehouse

According to Eater Atlanta, Fowling mixes the best of two sports, football and bowling. Teams work together like you would in cornhole, but instead of making beanbag shots, you're throwing a football trying to knock down the other team's 10 bowling pins.

You can either choose to take your chance with $10 "open play" without a reservation, and if you win you stay on the lane to face a new challenger, or you can reserve a lane for two hours, which costs $120 and accommodates up to 10 people.

This massive adult playground is still waiting on their liquor license, but when they receive it, the 70-foot bar will be fully functioning with over 60 beers and cocktails.

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