Redbird Atlanta now has a brand new outdoor tiki bar connected to the restaurant that allows guests to walk up, grab a cocktail, and be on their way to keep exploring the Atlanta area.

Since Redbird is located in the Westside Provisions District area, you can walk around sipping your cocktail with no problem as long as you're within the district's property.

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Did you can have to-go beverages [...] right now? Our outdoor bar will be up and ready to go at 5:00. Stop by!

Redbird Atlanta

You can grab one of their most popular drinks, the frozen peach margarita — which tastes like summer in a cup — or any other liquor drink that'll tickle your fancy.

There are plenty of food options here as well if you want to enjoy your boozy beverage inside or on the patio.

If you'd rather take your cocktail with you to explore Westside Provisions, this area has plenty of shops like Free People, Lululemon, and Anthropologie you can shop in while sipping on a nice frozen adult beverage and plenty of other dining options as well.