If there's one thing Canadians seem to love, it's visiting the beach, whether in their own country or somewhere else. With fall weather on the way, a trip to the sandy shore might be out of the question. However, there is a patch of Nova Scotia land for sale with its own Caribbean-style beach that would help you be ready for next summer.

The parcel of land located in Inverness gives the buyer the opportunity to own Chimney Corner Beach, a gorgeous little spot that might just make you feel like you've travelled to a tropical island.

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Desiree Campbell | Engel & Völkers Halifax

This isn't just some tiny beach, either. The listing states that it stretches across one-and-a-half acres, with 4,000 feet being located along the cove.

While the coming months aren't going to be the most ideal time to visit the shore (especially with those east coast winters), this would be the perfect place to spend the warm summer days.

This section of land is actually part of a much larger bundle that includes six other parcels ranging in size from 21.5 to 202 acres, each one with amazing views.

Desiree Campbell | Engel & Völkers Halifax

Keep in mind, though, that buying all of this land might present a great opportunity, but you would still have to have a house built somewhere. Otherwise, you'll just have your own really big campsite.

Still, having a beach right in your own backyard is an opportunity that would have most people considering a move (or it might go on their list of things to do if they won the lottery).

Unfortunately, all of this land doesn't exactly come cheap. You're looking at a price tag of $3,200,000.

The listing indicates that you can buy the parcels of land individually, so you might be able to save some money by just buying the beach and leaving the rest.

When you think about how many beautiful and colourful sunsets you could watch sitting on your very own beach, it's hard not to start thinking about ways that you could start earning some extra cash to reach that goal.

Your Own Private Beach

Price: $3,200,000

Address: Inverness, NS

Description: A huge piece of land with a beach to call your own in the warm summer months.

Desiree Campbell | Engel & Völkers Halifax

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