There’s A Mysterious Brain Disease In Canada & The 'Voice Of TikTok' Is Suing The App

This week's episode of the Now On Narcity podcast is live!

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What The Pandemic’s After Party Is Actually Gonna Look Like In Canada

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Welcome back to the digital dive bar! This week's episode of Now On Narcity is officially live. Join your hosts Lea, Cormac, Tyeler, and Brit for a deep dive into some of the week's biggest headlines.

In This Episode

You guessed it, this week's episode starts with a Shot & Chaser headline round-up to kick it off with some unbelievable recent stories.

New Brunswick health authorities are investigating 48 cases of a mysterious brain disease that is completely stumping doctors. We break down the puzzling symptoms and explore what we know and the big questions we have.

Next, we introduce you to the "Voice of TikTok," a Canadian woman who apparently had no clue that she was the voice behind billions of videos across the app. If you've heard the text-to-speech voice on your For You page, you've heard Bev Standing's voice. We explore her allegations that TikTok is using her voice "without permission," the resulting court case, and the background behind the story.

Of course, we finish off with the Last Call look at what we've got our eyes on in the upcoming news.


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