Why Canada Is The World’s “Best Country” & OnlyFans Is Everyone’s New Retirement Plan

The first episode of the "Now On Narcity" podcast is officially live!

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Narcity Media's first-ever podcast, Now On Narcity, is officially live and we've just dropped the first episode for your listening pleasure.

Join your hosts Brit, Lea, Tyeler, and Cormac to hear about the weirdest and wildest headlines that have been tearing through our site this week.

In This Episode

We kick off by introducing our weekly segment Shot & Chaser: A rapid-fire headline read with quick reactions to follow. Be warned: These headlines are real — they're not The Onion.

Next, we dive into the World's Best Country ranking for 2021 and give you some insight on how Canada snagged the top spot. The ranking was released by U.S. News & World Report after surveying over 17,000 people from around the world. We'll tell you why they decided Canada is #1 and who else made the top 10.

We then explore how much money can actually be made on OnlyFans, an online content platform where users subscribe to see content from their favourite creators. We break down what the platform is all about and share the stories of two young Canadian women who are making serious bank (and headlines) on the controversial platform.

We then top it off with some info about the news stories you should keep an eye out for — because this episode won't just give you a taste of what's happening right now, we're going to let you know what's happening next.


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