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Marcella Zoia Says She's Making 6 Figures On OnlyFans After Just 5 Months

The model broke down the financials of her OnlyFans account for us.
Marcella Zoia OnlyFans

If you live in Toronto, you've probably heard of Marcella Zoia, sometimes referred to as "Chair Girl."

The model, who gained internet fame after throwing a chair off a highrise balcony in 2019, went on to appear in a Drake music video and land modelling gigs in Florida. Now, she is using social media to make some extra cash.

Marcella Zoia's account on OnlyFans, a social media platform where people can view photos and videos for a price, is her latest venture and Narcity caught up with her to get all the details.

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When did Marcella Zoia start her OnlyFans?

Zoia started her OnlyFans back in November 2020, she says. 

Since then, the model says she has to spend approximately 75% of her work schedule maintaining the account.

"I dedicate my time to communicating with fans and creating content. There is also a team in place in charge of legalities, marketing, and content creation to allow me to dedicate my time spent on the platform to create exclusive content and personal communication with fans," she says.

How much does Marcella Zoia make on OnlyFans?

According to Zoia, since starting the account in November 2020, her OnlyFans has brought in more than $250,000. 

Currently, a paid subscription to Zoia's OnlyFans costs $25.00 a month. 

Yet the platform isn't Zoia's only source of income, she says. She's also able to make money through paid promotions and real estate. 

What's on Marcella Zoia's OnlyFans?

There are currently two subscription levels on Marcella Zoia's OnlyFans: a free option and a paid one.

"After subscribing to my OnlyFans, there are opportunities for subscribers to unlock exclusive content such as photos, and personal videos from me," she says. 

Zoia told Narcity her free subscription level currently has over 8,500 subscribers. Citing privacy reasons, she refused to comment on how many paid subscribers she has. 

When asked for some details on her OnlyFans content, Zoia told Narcity "what happens on OnlyFans, stays on OnlyFans."

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