Canadian Student Says She'll Make 7 Figures On OnlyFans In 2021 After Famous Flashing Pic

Apparently, the controversy is paying off.
Canadian Student Says She'll Make 7 Figures On OnlyFans In 2021 After Famous Flashing Pic

A student of L'Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM), Helene Boudreau, was recently in hot water with her university after posting racy graduation photos showing part of her breasts while holding a UQAM diploma on social media.

She and the institution recently reached an out-of-court settlement, according to MTL Blog. Now, Boudreau has spoken out about her rise to internet fame following the controversy. 

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Narcity Quebec reported that Boudreau says she will earn a seven-figure salary on OnlyFans by the end of 2021. 

After she gained notoriety for her graduation photos, she said her number of OnlyFans subscribers skyrocketed.

She apparently charges each of her 5,000 subscribers $20 per month, earning her around $100,000 monthly. She said in an interview that she's not totally in it for the money, calling her content "art."

The infamous graduation photos

After Helene Boudreau posted "inappropriate" photos of herself on social media whilst wearing her graduation attire and holding a UQAM diploma, the university sued the student for $125,000. 

"UQAM had no choice but to go to court because, despite three formal requests to the student, she continued to associate the university's name and logo with her intimate photos, and to market some of them to promote paid access to her website," said a press release from UQAM. 

According to CTV News, the lawsuit came about because the university felt the images were damaging to its reputation. 

It triggered an outcry on behalf of Boudreau as other women began to post photos of a similar nature in support. 

Boudreau posted another photo to her private Instagram account that showed her holding up the notorious photo. "my body my choices PERIOD. Do not blame women, the P**n industry, & the S** Workers for triggering your se*ual desires & temptations," she wrote in the caption. 

MTL Blog has reported that the charges have been waived as an agreement has been reached. 

"Yes all this is true and just about yesterday i was with the judges at the court to discuss about my faith. Thank you for all the beautiful messages," the student wrote in another Instagram post on April 1. "Proud of myself to fight for my rights and my convictions, no matter what life throw at me. Proud to be a women who stand up and shine her color, her authenticity, her audacity," she continued.