Let’s Talk About Baby Billionaires & Politicians Gone Wild

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What The Pandemic’s After Party Is Actually Gonna Look Like In Canada

We are scratching our heads for so many reasons. On this week's Now On Narcity, your hosts Brit, Tyeler, Cormac, and Lea have some seriously perplexing topics for you.

In this episode

First, we're talking about a Canadian politician that just doesn't know how to Zoom. Somehow, this guy's video etiquette (or lack thereof) doesn't seem to involve pants.

Next, we take a deep dive into a young Canadian billionaire who made his bag from cryptocurrency. Don't worry, we break it all down for you.

We are also chatting about the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in Quebec, the first province in Canada to impose a curfew, and just how wild people are going now that they've got a taste of what life after COVID-19 might look like.

This episode is jam-packed and you don't want to miss it. We'll catch you at the digital dive bar!


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