What You Need To Know About Canada’s One-Dose Summer & Quebec’s Language Police

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Welcome back to the digital dive bar! Our latest episode of the Now On Narcity podcast is up on all podcasting platforms for you to get caught up on the biggest news of the week.

Join your hosts, Lea, Cormac, Tyeler, and Brit, to get a feel for what life could look like this summer across Canada and take a peek at the latest developments in Quebec's ongoing language debate.

In This Episode

This week our rapid-fire headline roundup might sound a little different — we didn't share the punch lines with our fellow hosts beforehand, so you get to react along with us.

Next, we dive into Canada's "life after vaccination" roadmap to get an idea of how our federal officials envision the spring, summer, and fall unfolding. We also looked specifically at how Ontario, Quebec, and some of Western Canada's paths differ.

Our second segment takes a look at some potential new French language reforms being considered in Quebec. The province is looking to change the ways that language is regulated and if one particular new bill is passed, it has ramifications for the entire country.

We cap it off with a Last Call to see what we've each got our eyes on for the upcoming week.

Tune in, take a listen, and learn a little bit more about what's happening around you this week.


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