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This Cheap Winter Dream House For Sale In Ontario Has A Hot Tub & Fireplace (PHOTOS)

And you definitely can't beat that price tag! 🏡
Cheap Ontario House For Sale

With colder weather on the not-so-distant horizon, you might already be dreaming about hot tub nights and cuddling up by the fireplace.

Well, at this huge house for sale in Ontario you could do all of that and more.

Located in rural Hastings, Ont., this four-bedroom, three-bathroom home sits on a picturesque lot.

You’ll be able to enjoy amenities like an outdoor hot tub, an in-ground pool, a cozy deck hangout, and a toasty indoor fireplace.

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Upload credit : Anna Wood | RE/MAX A house that would turn anyone into a homebody

Peace and privacy are abundant here, as the entire property is practically enclosed with trees.

You’ll also find a detached two-car garage with a workshop space.

Inside, the decor is modern and chic. The kitchen is decked out with stainless steel appliances and has plenty of room for you to cook up a feast.

Anna Wood | RE/MAX

In the living room, you can cuddle by the fire while you take in views from the giant chalet-style windows.

So if you’re a homebody looking for your own oasis, this might be just what you’re looking for.

Birchwood Court

Price: $450,000

Address: 80 Birchwood Crt., Rural Trent Hills, Hastings, ON

Description: A huge home with all the amenities you need to stay warm, cozy, and happy during the colder months.

Anna Wood | RE/MAX

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