The sudden rise of the meme cryptocurrency known as Dogecoin is now to thank for putting hundreds and even thousands of dollars into investors' pockets.

One investor, who remains anonymous, seems to have won big after the currency's value shot up nearly 400% in the past week, but they decided to do some good at Florida's Halifax Humane Society with their earnings.

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The animal shelter says a generous donor decided to use their earnings to cover the adoption fees of every dog in the facility, meaning qualified adopters could give a dog a new home at no cost. 

The Halifax Humane Society Community Outreach Director Barry Kukes told FOX 35 News that the donor, who had put the donation under the name, "Dogecoin," had "made a very wise investment in some cryptocurrency" and "that she wanted to do something nice."

Dogecoin was created as a joke in 2013 and references the famed Shiba Inu meme, but the cryptocurrency has become no laughing matter as Fortune reports many investors now have a goal of making April 20 the official "Doge Day" in hopes of getting the crypto's value up to $1.00.