Animal lovers know there’s nothing like grabbing your furry friend and burying your face in their soft fur. For those who are needing to cuddle some fluff and fur, LunaSea Alpaca Farm is a must. For just $10, you can cuddle the cutest baby alpacas, hand feed them, and get your fill of fluff for the day.

Tours through LunaSea Alpaca Farm run four times a day, starting at 10:30 a.m., 12 p.m., 2:30 p.m., and 4 p.m.

Each tour lasts for about an hour, and if you happen to arrive during feeding time for the babies, you can even help bottle feed them.

Earlier this week, LunaSea welcomed a brand new baby girl alpaca to the herd but has yet to settle on a name for her.

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The nursery houses the cuteness coma-inducing baby alpacas, while you'll find the adult floofs resting in the shade in a nearby paddock.

Tours are by appointment only, and anyone over 3 years of age is welcome to cuddle these furry friends for just $10.

The small 5-acre farm is run by the Fowler family, who take great pride in their herd.

They even have a store you can check out and get some unique alpaca wool apparel such as cozy scarves and hats.

LunaSea is a perfect place to social distance, get some fresh air, and cuddle with the cutest babies around. Everyone needs a little animal therapy from time to time after all!

LunaSea Alpaca Farm

Price: $10

Address: 18810 Lone Dove Ln, Clermont, FL

Why You Need To Go: An affordable and cute day out full of fluffy alpaca snuggles. You can even help them feed the babies! They just got a new baby in their herd too.

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