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Brace yourselves, Nintendo fans! A brand-spanking-new theme park dedicated to the video game world is coming to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, and all your favorite characters, including Mario and Princess Peach, will be there.

The plans for the new Super Mario-themed park were announced by CEO Mark Woodbury last week at Universal Hollywood's opening of its own version, according to Deadline.

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Everyone is always looking to find the most epic plans to ring in the new year, and if you're in Florida, you might just be in luck. Orlando was listed as the second best place to spend the holiday and it outranked Miami, which is well-known for swanky events.

Even though Miley Cyrus hosts her televised annual New Year's Eve party in the Magic City, the theme park capital of FL took second place in the U.S. to celebrate, according to a study done by Wallethub.

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There's an unspoken rule for those 21+ years old to have a little extra fun at Walt Disney World's EPCOT that only locals really know about. With an international theme, it's a secret trend to create a fake DIY "passport" and drink around the world.

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Holiday traditions come in all shapes and colors of glitter, but we each hold a few close to our hearts. Although Floridians may not wake up to a white and radiant blanket of snow-covered grass on December 25, Christmas can still be enjoyed in less wintry ways. For people in the Sunshine State, the best things about the end-of-year celebrations can be time spent with family, cheesy and wonderful Hallmark movies or even that feeling of holding Starbucks holiday cups.

Now, somewhere on that list, the Christmas lights turning your neighborhood into a winter wonderland every December have probably earned themselves a spot on your list of faves. While you may also be wondering how to make the most out of the festive season, we have the perfect activity for you.

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There's an adult nightclub in Florida that was recently named "Club of the Year for the South region" at the Exotic Dancer's Awards on August 17.

It's called Dancer's Royale in Orlando and, according to its staff, the place is a "local watering hole mixed with a sophisticated sexiness". It's been around for 24 years and has clearly made an impact on the whole nation.

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