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It ‘Snows’ Every Night In December In This Colorful Florida Town

It's not very often you see snow in the Sunshine State ❄️

In the colorful town of Celebration, Florida, you can actually see "snowfall" during the month of December.

Every night from November 28 through December 31, the Celebration Town Center transforms into a snowy winter wonderland.

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You Can Go On A Hunt For Hidden Gems In This Orlando Town

This not your normal suburb! 🖼️

From the outside, it looks like any other suburb in Florida. Filled with homes, apartments, and shopping centers, Lake Nona in Orlando has all of the same amenities as other neighborhoods in Central Florida. Take a deeper look, however, and you'll see this isn't your normal neighborhood.

When Lake Nona was conceived and built, unique public art displays popped up around the center of the neighborhood.

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Florida Has Its Own Hidden Pyramid & You Can Visit For Free

It's a hidden pyramid of unity.🤝

Sitting in the heart of this Central Florida town is a surreal pyramid hidden in plain sight. Once you find it and your eyes gaze upon it, you will be astonished by its size and stature. This pyramid is the Monument Of States near Orlando.

Built right in the middle of downtown Kissimmee, the Monument of States is a cross between a pyramid and obelisk, and it has an interesting history behind its conception and construction.

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This Haunted Museum In Orlando Is Turning Into A Terrifying Spook House This Season

Prepare to be haunted!🙊

Sitting in the middle of The Sunshine State lies a paranormal oddity that is begging to be explored. Cassadaga is a magnet for all things spiritual, creepy, and cool. This season, Cassadaga will have a haunted house that will transform the local museum into a spookfest just in time for Halloween.

The museum sits in the heart of the town and makes for a unique getaway to experience one of Florida's spookiest spots.

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You'll Have To Face Hungry Alligators With Nothing But A Flashlight At This Orlando Spot

Are you brave enough?🐊

There are probably two animals that spring to mind when thinking of Florida, and each are considerably old and massive. One is a giant mouse, and the other, a modern-day dinosaur! For the latter, you can experience these toothy predators at a number of different exciting excursions across The Sunshine State. At Gatorland Orlando, their nighttime adventure will have you facing hungry alligators in the dark with nothing but a flashlight.

This thrilling nighttime tour will take you on a trek through the park under the cover of darkness, where you’ll experience a side of Florida’s wildlife rarely seen elsewhere.

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You Can Find The Cutest Succulents At This Cactus Kingdom In Orlando

Green vibes all around!🍃

Bringing a little bit of the outdoors to your indoor space is a great way to liven up a room. Besides improving air quality, house plants are like cute, low-maintenance pets that won’t wake you up for food in the morning. Succulents in particular can be the perfect addition to any space, and at this Orlando cactus garden shop, you’re bound to find the perfect new plant baby to take home.

True to their name, Succulents Empire has a ton of various succulents and plant types to browse through.

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