The US Is Getting A Super Nintendo World With A Full-Sized Castle & A Real Mario Kart Ride

It's like stepping into a Mario game! 🍄

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Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan.​

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan.

Let's-a-go! Universal Studios Hollywood is getting a huge Super Mario theme park and it'll make you want to scream "woo-hoo" like your favorite moustached plumber!

Super Nintendo World will open as a brand-new area at the California park next year, according to a news release from Universal Studios, and it's expected to be an "immersive" experience that puts you inside the video games.

You'll get a chance to step into a world that you probably only saw on TV screens as a child, with areas inspired by Super Mario Bros., Mario Galaxy, Yoshi's World and the game to end all friendships, Mario Kart.


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Another version of the park recently opened at Universal Studios Japan to stellar reviews, and it gives us a good idea of what to expect from Super Nintendo World in the U.S.

Guests will enter the Super Nintendo World through a green warp pipe, transporting them into the Mushroom Kingdom. You exit through the lobby of Peach's Castle, taken straight out of the Super Mario 64, and you're greeted with a view of the entirety of Super Nintendo World.

You'll see Goombas stacked four high, Yoshis walking around, rotating coins near Piranha plants and many other little touches that take you right into the world of Mario. The park even plays the classic video game music that everyone knows so well.

The Japanese park also has two suitably Mario-themed rides.

Yoshi's Adventure is a classic dark ride that takes you through the adventures of Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. It's absolutely adorable. Did we mention that you're also riding on the back of a Yoshi?


Yoshi’s Adventure is so adorable I can’t 😭

The second ride is the one you've probably dreamed of doing IRL: Mario Kart. Using an augmented reality headset, guests hop in a go-kart vehicle and help Mario win the new Universal Cup while trying to foil the evil Bowser's plans.


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Super Nintendo World also hands out "power-up bands" that let you to interact with blocks just like you're Mario or Luigi. The band connects to your phone via an app and when you hit a question mark block, you collect coins.

There's also a few hidden secrets you can unlock with your band.


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Super Nintendo World is set to open at Universal Studios Hollywood in early 2023, and there will be another one at Epic Universe in Orlando set to open in 2025.

Shut up and take our coins!

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