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The holidays are around the corner and Universal Studios in Orlando has new treats to fill your stomach — some are adults only!

From rich chocolate shakes to mouthwatering sandwiches, there are items for all ages to taste! You can't forget about the cocktails they're serving that fit right in with the festivities.

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Universal Studios in Orlando, FL has changes coming in the next year, which means they need to close down attractions in order to make room for new ones and some of your favorites might be impacted.

They released a statement on their Twitter page Tuesday night revealing what visitors can expect, even though it is a bit vague. The publication reads that "new family entertainment" is coming for guests to be immersed "in the adventures of beloved animated characters."

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From Walt Disney World to Universal Studios, so many people enjoy the theme parks in Orlando, Florida. Obviously, that doesn't fall short when it comes to our favorite celebrities.

Stars aren't just walking the red carpet. Rather, they're visiting with their family or they go for an adventure. If you didn't know they were there, they fit right in with the crowd.

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Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando is reaching its 31st annual haunted house event, and many signs spookily pointed toward The Weeknd as a theme on the haunted house map. He finally confirmed it and we knew it all along!

The GRAMMY award winner has been known to shock fans in his music videos, as he uses prosthetics and costumes to represent his storytelling. Two of his videos are restricted from YouTube because of the content that some claim to be "highly disturbing."

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Theme park lovers know that all meals are not created equal and some are truly better than others. At Universal Studios in Orlando, there are so many different cuisines to try.

From donuts to Green Eggs and Ham, you'll be familiar with what you order from your favorite TV shows and books, like The Simpsons and Dr. Seuss' literary works.

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