Halsey Visited Disney World & Brought Her Waiter From EPCOT Onstage At Her Florida Concert

She says they were "connected on a spiritual level."

​Halsey at Disney World's EPCOT theme park. Right: Halsey wearing a pair of Minnie Mouse ears with a blue bow.
Georgia Contributing Writer

Halsey at Disney World's EPCOT theme park. Right: Halsey wearing a pair of Minnie Mouse ears with a blue bow.

Halsey has had an eventful week while performing concerts all across Florida and decided to spend some time at Walt Disney World with her family.

The artist shared her experience in a recent Instagram post about taking her baby Ender to the parks for his first visit.

While visiting, she revealed she made a special connection with a park employee who served them during their dinner at EPCOT.

"My server was named Freddy and he was incredible. I felt so connected to him for some reason and the dinner was amazing. At the end of our meal he revealed to me that he had TWO Halsey tattoos. A Clementine and a Hurricane. I had no idea. He just felt like a friend right away," the star shared in her Instagram caption.

She commemorated the special moment by bringing him on stage during her Tampa show so she could dedicate her song Hurricane to him.

The server also took to social media to share what the experience meant to him.

He shared a photo of the two of them hugging and wrote, "Honestly I am beyond happy for this random moment!!! I had the pleasure to have a small talk with this beautiful human being. So kind, so humble and so excited to find a fan in a random place!!! I am soooo happy 😭 ❤️ love you forever."

At the concert, he showed the crowd the hurricane tattoo on his leg, which he says was inspired by the Halsey song. He went on to say the whole experience felt "unreal" and expressed his gratitude.

Halsey said that she loves meeting fans out in the wild and forming connections with them, and that "Disney is where dreams come true, but Halsey shows are where dreams are made."

Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
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