9 Secret Spots To Discover Around Ottawa That Only TRUE Locals Know About

A piece of the Eiffel Tower & the world's largest escape room!
9 Secret Spots Around Ottawa That You Don't Know About
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There is more to the National Captial than just the Ottawa River and Parliament. To ensure you don't miss out on the best the city has to offer, here are nine secret spots around Ottawa that locals don't want you to know about.

Even if you are local, you might be surprised to discover how many hidden gems you've yet to find. For example, did you know you can see a piece of the Eiffel Tower or try the world's largest escape room ?

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Here are all hidden gems you'll want to see for yourself.

Sand Dune

Price: Free

Address: 1 Pineland Ave., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can find a dune hidden right in the middle of the city.

Swimming Hole With Turquoise Water

Price: $10 per person

Address: off Highway 105 in Wakefield, QC

Why You Need To Go: Morrison's Quarry is the perfect spot to cool down in the summer.

A Nordic Spa

Price: $39+ per person

Address: 1172 chemin d'Aylmer, Gatineau, QC

Why You Need To Go: The Nordik Spa-Nature isn't the only Nordic spa nearby. The KOENA Spa is not only much closer but is also more affordable.

World's Largest Escape Room

Price: $32 per person

Address: 3929 Carp Rd., Carp, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can try a massive escape room that takes place over an entire floor of an underground bunker.

Hundreds Of Flowering Trees

Price: Free

Address: Arboretum, Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: Unlike High Park in Toronto, you can see 350 blooming trees without the crowds.

A Piece Of The Eiffel Tower

Price: Free

Address: rue Montcalm, Gatineau, QC

Why You Need To Go: You can see a piece of the Eiffel Tower inside the Montcalm Street bridge next to Les Brasseurs du Temps.

Patio Next To A Waterfall

Price: 💸

Address: 1 John St., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: Tavern On The Falls is an incredible patio where you can sip cocktails next to a waterfall.

Majestic Ruins

Price: Free

Address: MacKenzie King Road, Chelsea, QC

Why You Need To Go: At Mackenzie King Estate , you can go on a short hike to discover a collection of breathtaking ruins.

A Waterfall Oasis

Price: Free

Address: St. Joseph Boulevard, Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: In Orléans, you can walk to the stunning Princess Louise Falls.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

Stephanie White
Staff Writer