A 19-person group of current and former Ontario police officers is launching a charter challenge over Ontario's COVID-19 restrictions, which they call "not scientifically, or medically, based."

The officers — 15 currently working, four retired, 10 named and nine anonymous — are from services in Toronto, Niagara, Ottawa, York, Hamilton, the OPP and the RCMP, and have submitted a Notice of Application to Ontario's Superior Court of Justice requesting that the province's COVID-19 measures be declared as "not rational" and as causing more harm than good.

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The group also wants a declaration that police officers should not discipline people for not wearing masks, charge businesses for providing indoor dining, or stop travellers from crossing provincial borders.

The application is addressed to Ontario's Attorney General, Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Canada's Attorney General, and several police chiefs in Ontario.

In an emailed statement to Narcity, a spokesperson from Ontario's Ministry of the Attorney General confirmed the ministry had received a Notification of Application and would be requesting the court to "summarily dismiss" the application, which it says is "entirely without merit."

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