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Chaos Is Breaking Out At Adamson BBQ & More Cops Just Showed Up On Horseback (VIDEOS)

The restaurant owner just got arrested and escorted away.

Tensions are rising at Etobicoke's Adamson BBQ as protests continue for the third day in a row.

Police officers, several of which are on horseback, have lined the perimeter of the restaurant in an attempt to keep demonstrators from entering.

However, Adam Skelly was able to break into the restaurant by smashing through the drywall in an adjacent room. He then opened the restaurant door from the inside and patrons were able to force their way in past police.*

Police have arrested Skelly and escorted him away from the scene.

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Protesters can be seen trailing behind the officers, yelling "Shame on you!"

Remarkably, there are still customers eating inside the restaurant. Many of the protesters outside say that they refuse to leave.

Police honk loudly from their cruisers as they approach the area.

"We know Doug Ford doesn’t believe [in COVID-19], he went to a wedding," he continued. The crowd yelled back in agreement, "It's all lies!"

Police officers have arrived in large numbers to keep the demonstration under control.

People sang the national anthem as it played in the crowd.

* This article has been updated.

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