Canada Is Trying To Get Enough Supplies So Everyone Can Get 2 Doses Of A COVID-19 Vaccine

Needles and swabs and bandages, oh my!
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COVID-19 Vaccine: Canada Is Trying To Get Supplies So Everyone Can Get 2 Doses

This could be a huge step forward in the fight against the virus. In preparation for a COVID-19 vaccine, Canada is trying to stockpile so many of the supplies needed for immunizations. That would mean everyone in the country can get multiple doses when one finally becomes available.

Public Services and Procurement Canada is in the process of getting more than 75 million vaccine supplies on behalf of the Public Health Agency of Canada for when one is ready to be administered to people.

According to The Canadian Press that includes syringes, bandages, gauze pads and alcohol swabs.

Businesses are able to bid to supply Canada with 75,200,000 of each item.

Bids opened up this week and will continue to be accepted until the end of July.

The massive stockpile would allow for every Canadian to get at least two doses since the population has now reached 38,000,000.

Along with the more than 75 million needles, swabs, gauze and bandages, Procurement Minister Anita Anand said that 250,000 needle disposal containers have also been ordered.

According to The Canadian Press, the contracts are already in place for all the syringes.

All of the supplies should be delivered by the end of October.

Back in April, Justin Trudeau had said that a return to normal life wouldn't happen in Canada until a vaccine for the virus is widely available.

In June, Canada had ordered 37 million syringes which would have been enough for widespread vaccinations of almost everyone in the country.

Now that order has doubled.

At the beginning of the month, Dr. Theresa Tam said on Twitter that Canada is collaborating both domestically and internationally to push forward the development of a vaccine.

Recently, Canada claimed that health organizations in the country were the target of Russian cyber threat activity that attempted to steal information about vaccine development.

The group that is responsible for it is believed to be part of Russian intelligence services.

Lots of work is being done here at home to fight COVID-19.

A Quebec company has started the first human trials for a vaccine in Canada and it's actually plant-based.

Other researchers are hoping to start testing on humans in the fall.

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