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Canada's Top Doctor Is Taking A Much-Needed Break From Work

Time to recharge!
Dr. Theresa Tam Is Taking A Much-Needed Break From Work

Everybody needs a break sometimes. That includes Dr. Theresa Tam. Canada's public health officer has been visible throughout the pandemic, and now she is taking a much-deserved vacation from work. 

In a July 9 tweet, Dr. Tam announced that she would be stepping out of the spotlight for a little while. She did not indicate how long she would be away.

"In the spirit of following good #publichealth advice, I will be taking some time off to recharge," she wrote, "During this time, Dr. Howard Njoo, Deputy Chief Public Health Officer of Canada will deliver briefings and tweets via this account to keep Canadians informed."

Like the Prime Minister, Dr. Tam has been providing daily updates on Canada's COVID-19 numbers, as well as offering physical and mental health advice.

The chief public health officer has had to put up with a lot during her time keeping people informed. That included a Conservative MP (who is now a party leadership candidate) making racist remarks about her.

A Rebel News petition to have her fired was also circulating in April. However, that instead prompted an outpouring of support in the form of the hashtag, #IStandWithDrTam.

Last month, though, Dr. Tam got to report some very promising news: Canada had officially flattened its curve

"I am heartened by the dedication, compassion, and collaboration that Canadians have shown in addressing this unprecedented challenge," she said, while adding that everyone should continue to adhere to public health guidelines to keep the progress going.

She even recently offered advice about dating during the pandemic, although she had to admit that she was not an expert.

She did, however, provide some solid tips for continuing to date while keeping yourself as safe as possible. That included keeping kissing to a minimum.

It's encouraging to see that Canada's top doctor is also following her own repeated advice about maintaining your mental health during this time. Hopefully, she gets the rest she needs.

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