Here's a way to give more than thoughts and prayers. To provide help for Beirut, Canada is matching donations that people make to certain humanitarian organizations until August 24. The money will go towards assisting those in need following the explosion.

Global Affairs Canada announced that what Canadians donate to the Humanitarian Coalition and any of its members will be matched by the federal government.

That's for money given between August 4 and August 24.

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The government said that the best way for Canadians to help is by donating.

To do that you can go to the Humanitarian Coalition's Lebanon Crisis page and click "donate now" to give money online.

There are one-time and monthly payment options but make sure your payment is secure before donating.

You can also send a cheque and make it payable to the charity.

The money will help the organization respond to the Beirut explosion and assist those in need by providing food, water, shelter, essential services and more.

Canada will match up to $2 million of donations.

That's part of the $5 million funding that Canada has already pledged and $1.5 million of that immediately went to charitable organizations in the country like the Lebanese Red Cross.

On the day of the explosion, the Prime Minister put out a statement that said Canada is ready to assist in any way it can.

Later in the week, he tweeted about the $5 million of funding and mourned the loss of life.

"We are with you, and will be there to help you overcome this tragedy," he said.

Lebanese-Canadian business leaders have formed the Lebanese Canadian Coalition to help support the people of Beirut.

They hope to raise at least $2.5 million and will advocate for the federal government to match whatever is raised by them.

The explosions that happened on August 4 killed more than 150 people and injured 6,000.

It's believed that an estimated 300,000 people are homeless because of the damage.