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Jagmeet Singh Says Trudeau Has 'Failed' To Tackle Systemic Racism In Canada

The NDP leader is not holding back! 😬
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Jagmeet Singh Says Trudeau Has 'Failed' When It Comes To Tackling Racism In Canada

The NDP leader is not holding back! Jagmeet Singh says Trudeau has “failed” when it comes to dealing with Canada’s systemic racism — and he blasted the prime minister in a public message. 

Tweeting on October 14, just before 10 p.m., the NDP leader shared an article that says more than half of Manitoba’s new COVID-19 cases are in a local First Nation.

Posting the news article, Singh added “There are two crises here: Covid-19 and systemic racism.”

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Justin Trudeau has not lived up to his commitments on reconciliation and he's failed to take real action on systemic racism.

Jagmeet Singh

Singh went on to accuse the prime minister of failing to follow-through on his promises to deal with systemic racism in Canada, a comment the NDP leader has made several times before.

He concluded that the rising cases of COVID-19 in the Manitoba community is a “result” of the PM's failings.

Singh has made his opinion on Trudeau's handling of racism very clear in the past, and has accused him of using "pretty speeches" rather than taking direct action.

On the same night, Jagmeet Singh also took a Prime Day dig at Jeff Bezos for failing to pay Amazon taxes.

A move, he says, was "allowed" by the prime minister.

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