This weekend, Justin Trudeau's son will be celebrating his 13th birthday and he got a shout out from his dad during a press conference.

The Prime Minister spoke on October 16 about how a lot of kids had birthdays during the pandemic that were less fun since they couldn't spend it with extended family and friends.

"This weekend is my dad's birthday but it's also my son Xavier's 13th birthday," Trudeau said.

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Turning 13 is a big moment where you get to become a teenager and all the responsibilities that come with it but it's also a time where friends really matter.

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau's oldest son turns 13 on October 18 which is coincidentally also Pierre Trudeau's birthday.

He noted that reaching that age is a big moment because that's when kids become teenagers and take on the responsibilities that come with it.

"It's also a time where friends really matter," he said.

So, not having a party can be tough on Canada's younger population.

When it was the birthday of Trudeau's late brother, he made a touching post about it on social media and he'll probably do the same for his son.