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Justin Trudeau Shared A Story About His Birth In A Touching Tribute To A Former PM

Trudeau told the story at John Turner's funeral.

Such a sweet moment! Justin Trudeau's childhood was unique right from the moment he was born and he shared a story about it during a tribute to a former Prime Minister.

At the state funeral of former Prime Minister John Turner on October 6, Trudeau addressed mourners with touching tribute to the politician.

He started off with a story about when he was born.

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I knew John my whole life. In fact, John and I go back to even before I was born.

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau said that he knew Turner before he was even born.

Turner got a last-minute call from Trudeau's father Pierre on Christmas Eve in 1971.

"Dad told him that mom, who was very pregnant with me, would like to go to midnight mass with John and Geills," the Prime Minister said.

While Turner was caught off guard by the request, he made it happen.

After mass, the two families went back to the Turner house for a nightcap.

Once the Trudeaus got home, Margaret promptly went into labour and on Christmas, a future Prime Minister was born.

During his remarks at the funeral, Trudeau also noted that Turner always remembered birthdays despite how busy he was as a politician.

He said that Turner was a great Canadian.

A couple of days earlier, Trudeau also gave another touching tribute where he celebrated his late brother's birthday.