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Ottawa Public Health Begs Residents To Stop Bird Poop Problem

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) is poppin' on social media off about a pooping problem, and apparently, it's not the first time it has had to do it.

The notoriously hilarious Twitter account went off on another rant on Friday, July 23, about a pressing bird poop problem on Ottawa's beaches.

"Lately there's been an unsettling trend... Birds (i.e. animals with wings that can sometimes fly) are leaving poop at our beaches. The poop, being rather unclean, affects the water quality," OPH tweeted.

"This, in turn, is contributing to 'no swimming' advisories. Which certainly isn't fun for anyone. So, what can we do about the poop?" OPH continued. The public health department, referencing Ottawa's five supervised beaches, provided two methods for how residents can help with the problem.

It first recommended that residents stop feeding all of the adorable birds, meaning the "ducks, gulls & geese" who frequent the beaches. ("This attracts them to the beach, where they will poop. A lot.") Next, it kindly requests residents take garbage along with them when they leave, which tends to attract birds to the area.

"It's like Field of Dreams, but with poop," OPH said. "If you leave it, they will come...and they will poop."

OPH also tweeted about poop in March, but to inform their followers of the very bizarre fact that COVID-19 can exist in feces.

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