After a worrying string of incidents in Ottawa, officials have confirmed that Parliament Hill’s security is getting a boost.

This comes after multiple politicians, including the prime minister and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, have recently faced incidents of harassment from members of the public.

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The Service has increased its presence and visibility around the precinct.

The Parliamentary Protective Service

On September 27, per CBC News, the Parliamentary Protective Service explained, “As a result of recent incidents whereby parliamentarians and members of the press were harassed, the Service has increased its presence and visibility around the precinct.”

The agency, who provide physical security for MPs, employees and visitors, assured Ottawans that they would be increasing their “posture and surveillance” in the area.

“We are ready to respond to their calls for support or help at any time,” they added. 

This comes just days after NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was threatened while walking on Wellington Street. 

Similarly, days before, a Radio-Canada reporter was harassed in the street by a man who had mistaken him for a Member of Parliament.

Back in July, an armed man broke into the grounds of Justin Trudeau’s home by ramming the main gate with a pickup truck.

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said he’s “deeply concerned” about the incidents and will bring them to the attention of the Police Services board on Monday.