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The Bahamas Revealed More Re-Opening Rules & Air Canada Starts Flying There July 3

You do have to show that you've tested negative for COVID-19 though.
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The Bahamas Reopening Doesn't Require Quarantine & Air Canada Starts Flying There On July 3

So close but still so far away! The Bahamas reopening is set for the first day of July and travellers won't have to quarantine upon arrival. However, there are other safety measures in place. Air Canada will resume flights to the Caribbean country on July 3.

The Bahamas announced new aspects of its plan to restart tourism as all of the country's islands get ready to reopen on July 1.

While no quarantine will be required for travellers when they arrive in the country, other health and safety protocols will be in place.

All travellers coming into the country will have to have an electronic health visa.

Anybody who shows COVID-19 symptoms may be moved to an area away from other passengers for testing and evaluation.

Since there's been an increase in cases in the U.S., everybody coming into the country has to prove that they've tested negative for the virus once they arrive.

Results can't be more than 10 days old.

Children under the age of two are exempt from this.

Face masks must be worn in any situation where physical distancing is enforced like going through customs and at baggage claim.

Also, temperature screenings will be done at all airports and seaports for incoming visitors.

As part of the carrier's summer schedule, Air Canada is set to resume flights from Toronto to Nassau on July 3.

Canada is introducing temperature checks at airports and if you have a fever you won't be allowed to board your plane.

This will be done in a phased approach first for air passengers coming into Canada, then those travelling out of the country and finally anybody flying within the country.

Screening stations will be set up in the departure sections of Canada's four largest airports by the end of July.

Temperatures will also be taken at the next 11 busiest airports in the country by the end of September.

If you travel to The Bahamas, the dining experience will probably be a little different, especially at all-inclusive resorts.

Buffets have been discontinued for all restaurants as well as food and beverage services.

So, food will have to be either single-serve or prepackaged.

Canada is reminding people that there is a global travel advisory still in place that warns against non-essential travel because of the pandemic.

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    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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