Canada Is Warning Against Travel Out Of The Country Even Though Destinations Are Reopening

You could be stuck abroad if conditions change.
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Travel Outside Of Canada Is Still Being Warned Against By The Government

Even as destinations around the world reopen, the government doesn't want you to leave. Travel outside of Canada hasn't been given the green light just yet. The government is still warning people against going out of the country.

Although provinces are reopening and countries are starting to let back in tourists, there is no official word on it being safe to travel yet.

On Facebook, the federal government posted a reminder about the current global travel advisory that's in place. 

It urges Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel outside of the country and avoid all cruise ship travel until further notice because of the  COVID-19 pandemic.

That's because it could be difficult to come back home.

Or, you might even have to stay abroad for an undetermined amount of time if the state of the pandemic worsens wherever you are.

Canada is also noting that airspace closures and movement restrictions can happen at any time without warning.

If you're out of the country, you could have difficulties getting essential products, you could face strict movement restrictions and your insurance might not cover any medical expenses.

There are also no more repatriation flights planned to bring Canadians back home during the pandemic.

Despite the global advisory put in place by the government, the travel and tourism industry is ready to get back to business.

Air Transat has released its summer schedule with flights taking off on July 23 and Air Canada has done the same.

You can already book flights to a bunch of destinations domestically, in the U.S., the Caribbean, Asia and Europe.

On July 1, the Dominican Republic and The Bahamas are letting tourists in once again with flights resuming and hotels reopening. 

There won't be any buffets in The Bahamas anymore though, because of the pandemic.

Other countries like Italy and Iceland are also opening up their borders to travellers.

While Greece is reopening as well, there is a list of countries that people can travel to the country from.

Canada didn't make the cut but the list is expected to be expanded to include more countries on July 1.

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