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The Ontario NDP Wants The Province To Investigate 'Vaccine Queue-Jumping'

There are multiple allegations of it happening, says one politician.
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Vaccine Queue-Jumping Needs To Be Investigated, Says Ontario NDP

The Ontario NDP wants an inquiry into recent allegations of "vaccine queue-jumping" across the province.

In an open letter published on Monday, February 8, Ontario NDP politician Sara Singh said the allegations were "startling" and deserved a provincial investigation.

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I am calling on you to ensure a complete and public investigation. MPP Sara Singh

In the letter, Singh highlights various allegations of people receiving the vaccine before they were supposed to get their doses.

Her letter includes the story of a nurse in Woodbridge who was allegedly asked to vaccinate "ineligible people" and "falsely classify them as caregivers."

Singh also mentions a story from the Brantford Expositor, which said that local officials are investigating queue-jumping at a retirement home in the area.

"The limited supply of vaccines Ontario has received to date is jarring," Singh writes.

"What is even more concerning is the possibility that individuals are jumping the queue and using vaccine for themselves, instead of the seniors for who desperately need them."

The letter is addressed to retired General Rick Hillier — the head of Ontario's Vaccine Task Distribution Force — by way of Ontario's Solicitor General.

A statement from Ontario's Ministry of Health emailed to Narcity said the "rare incidents are unfortunate and unacceptable incidents" and that all concerns of vaccine-related crimes should be reported to local police.

In her letter, Singh calls on Hillier to start an investigation into the allegations and check to see if similar things have happened elsewhere in the province.

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