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There's Been 22 Million COVID-19 Cases Worldwide But Less Than 1% Of Those Are In Canada

The world hit a grim milestone recently. On August 19, the total number of worldwide COVID-19 cases reached over 22 million. Canada, however, isn't responsible for very many of those.

The country as a whole reported just 336 new instances of the virus that day, bringing the total to 123,490 cases. 

22 million

people around the world have contracted COVID-19

According to John Hopkins University, the exact tally globally is 22,438,938. 

In the grand scheme of things, Canada only makes up about 0.55% of the world's total.

The university's COVID-19 tracker also ranks countries by how many positives have been reported in each. On that list, Canada is 24th. 

Topping off that list is the U.S. with over 5.5 million cases, which is almost 25% of the world's total. 

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