The Bloc Québécois Leader Blames Jagmeet Singh Alone For Socially Dividing Quebec & Canada

He would only answer one question about the situation.
Yves-François Blanchet Blames Jagmeet Singh For Socially Dividing Quebec & Canada
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The saga continues. Yves-François Blanchet said that Jagmeet Singh alone is to blame for socially dividing Quebec and Canada. He wondered if Singh will look at himself in the mirror now about this.

After meeting with Quebec Premier François Legault in Montreal on July 2, the Bloc Québécois leader took questions from reporters and was asked about the ongoing situation.

In French, he noted that he was irritated to be talking about the subject and only took one question about it.

He even called it viscerally insignificant because it's politicized.

"I invite you to ask the leader of the NDP himself if he is not responsible for something serious in two respects," Blanchet said.

According to the Bloc leader, that is Singh calling Quebec's Premier racist for not recognizing systemic racism and an NDP MP associating the party with slavery and the holocaust on Twitter.

Blanchet asked, "has the leader of the NDP come to look in the mirror seriously and find out if he has not created a serious social crisis, a serious division between people who […] must remain friends, and for now, are dealing [with] hatred and unfounded accusations because of him and him alone?"

He said if there is going to be serious help for people who are facing discrimination in Canada, it has to be done non-partisanly.

After he spoke about Singh, he told reporters that he wouldn't be answering anything else about it.

Blanchet also noted that he only takes one question about it during each press conference because other topics should be talked about.

All of this began back in June when Singh was kicked out of the House of Commons for calling Bloc MP Alain Therrien racist.

Blanchet called for him to apologize or for a more strict punishment to be given.

When Singh returned to the House a day after being kicked out, a Bloc MP tried to silence him.

Claude DeBellefeuille asked for him to not be recognized in the day's proceedings because he wouldn't apologize.

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