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Jagmeet Singh Is Back In The House Of Commons Less Than 24 Hours After Being Kicked Out

The Bloc Québécois tried to silence him.
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He's back! Jagmeet Singh's House of Commons return happened less than 24 hours after he was kicked out. However, when he got up to speak, the Bloc Québécois actually tried to silence him.

On June 18, the NDP leader made his return to the House.

That was less than 24 hours after he was told to leave for the rest of the day for calling another MP racist and not apologizing.

As Singh got up to question the prime minister, Bloc Québécois MP Claude DeBellefeuille interrupted before he could even speak.

DeBellefeuille said in French that Singh was unparliamentary and insulted MP Alain Therrien by calling him racist.

She told the speaker of the House that she believed the NDP leader challenged authority when he didn't apologize when asked to.

Because of that and the fact that he got kicked out, she asked for him to not be recognized again for the day's proceedings.

The speaker turned it over to Peter Julian, House Leader of the New Democratic Party, who spoke to the House through a video call.

Speaking in French, he said that the decision to remove Singh the day before didn't apply anymore because it wasn't conditional on anything.

The Speaker of the House then let Singh question the PM. 

Even though the Speaker said he would recognize Singh and allow him to participate in the committee meeting, DeBellefeuille continued with her attempt to silence him.

She said that this is a serious issue and asked what will happen if MPs are allowed to insult one another.

"You'll have the right to insult your colleague and then you're only expulsed for one day?" she asked in French.

Then DeBellefeuille asked once again for Singh to not be recognized.

However, the Speaker refused and the NDP leader started his questions.

When Singh was finally allowed to speak, he thanked Justin Trudeau for what he said about him earlier in the day.

Then he asked questions about systemic racism in the RCMP and brought up the motion he presented the day before that started it all.

The Burnaby-South MP also brought up the recent killings of Chantel Moore and Rodney Levi by the RCMP.

Just before the day's proceedings started, DeBellefeuille also sent the Speaker a letter about the situation with requests.

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