Trudeau Got Called A King By The Bloc Québécois Leader But Not In A Good Way

He clapped back.
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Yves-François Blanchet Called Trudeau A King But Not In A Good Way

The leader of the Bloc Québécois had some choice words about the Prime Minister. Yves-François Blanchet called him a king but not in a good way. Justin Trudeau responded to the remarks and called them "irresponsible."

On June 17, Blanchet, whose party has the third most seats in the House, spoke to reporters in Ottawa about what's been going on with the government during the pandemic.

That's where he had some cutting remarks about the Prime Minister after being asked about how his government is acting right now.

"I know Canada is a monarchy, but I didn't know it had an actual king," he said.

According to the Bloc Québécois leader, the country seems like a monarchy now because Trudeau decides everything, makes a show of it every day and doesn't answer to a Parliament.

"I think the Prime Minister should come back on earth, be more open-minded, sit with people who have ideas, find solutions somewhere in between what they think and what we think," Blanchet said.

He also mentioned that he has told the federal government very precisely to beware if they forget and don't listen to what Quebec wants.

"I will be there to remind them," he noted.

During his own press conference, Trudeau was asked to respond to Blanchet's remarks.

He mentioned that in a minority parliament decisions are made based on a consensus and that was used to decide to continue on with a focus on COVID-19.

"I can understand that both the Bloc Québécois and the Conservatives did not want this particular outcome but the will of Parliament was expressed by a majority," Trudeau said.

Three parties came together to make that decision.

"If every time something doesn't go their way an opposition party cries 'oh no, it's a dictatorship' all of a sudden, it's sort of irresponsible," he said.

The Liberal leader also said that kind of talk undermines the strength of Canada's democracy, which he argues has been shown throughout the pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Trudeau has faced lots of backlash from other party leaders and gone back and forth with them.

The Liberal leader has been pressured by Jagmeet Singh to extend the CERB and by Andrew Scheer to reduce it.

He also blamed the Conservatives for holding up funding that would go to Canadians living with disabilities simply because they "didn't get their way" earlier.

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