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An Ontario City Is Officially Claiming The Title Of The 'Work From Home Capital Of Canada'

It even gave away PJs to prove this.
Owen Sound Work From Home Capital Of Canada Title Claimed By City
Senior Creator

When it comes to Owen Sound's "Work from Home Capital of Canada" title, the city has now claimed it.

Even though the city had already been calling itself that and was giving away PJs to prove it, the title is now official.

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The initiative is meant to show all that the city has to offer, like a relaxed lifestyle, access to healthcare, historic homes and beautiful natural landscapes along with 5G internet and cellular coverage needed for remote working.

There's even an online campaign that features locals going about their day with business clothes on top and pajamas on the bottom.

Owen Sound wants people to consider the city if they're looking to make a change and find a better work-life balance.

It's located along the shores of Georgian Bay and a two-hour drive from the Greater Toronto Area.

Recently, a report ranked the best work from home cities in Canada and Dieppe, New Brunswick got the top spot.

If you've been working from home during the pandemic, there's a tax deduction that you could be eligible for and it gets you money back.

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