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This PEI Seal Took A Ride Home In A Police Car After It Got A Little Lost (VIDEO)

There's a happy ending, here! 🦭🇨🇦
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PEI Seal Took A Ride Home In A Police Car After He Got A Little Lost (VIDEO)

Now, that’s an unusual passenger! A P.E.I. seal hitched a ride home with local police officers over the weekend, after it went wandering a little too far.

On February 22, Charlottetown Police Services shared a statement confirming that they’d responded to an “unusual request for service” last Sunday morning.

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[rebelmouse-image 26009128 photo_credit="Charlottetown Police" expand=1 original_size="1418x1152"] Charlottetown Police

Officers were called out to the Patterson Drive area of Charlottetown, at least one kilometre from the nearest large body of water.

According to their statement, a “concerned resident” had contacted police after they’d spotted a seal shuffling on dry land outside their property.

“This was a first for the responding officers,” admitted the police.

After consulting with the Department of Fisheries and Ocean Canada, officers responded to the call and picked up the lost seal.

They placed it in the back seat of the patrol vehicle and drove it to the water, where it was “released to its natural habitat.”

Officials involved shared an adorable photo and a short video of the rescue mission, which ended with the animal scooting off into the snow. Pretty cute, eh?

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