An Oregon Woman Shared 3 Questions She Asks On Dates & TikTok Viewers Say It's So Helpful

She said these questions help you spot red flags. 🚩

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The woman telling her questions on TikTok. Right: The woman sharing a question on TikTok.

The woman telling her questions on TikTok. Right: The woman sharing a question on TikTok.

A woman in Oregon shared her juicy dating questions on TikTok to really get to know the person you're with. Her audience responded so well to it, they let her know in the comment section that it's helped them in their own love life.

Elise Warren, whose handle is @myfriendelise, posted the video back on September 14 and it's gained 2.4 million views and thousands of positive responses. One person even said the viewers' replies are proof that her questions work as they should.

"I put in my 10,000 hours and I'm a bit of an expert on dating, and I have three questions I wished I would have asked dates earlier to suss out covert creeps and just sense subtle red flags," she said in the introduction.

No. 1: Tell me about your best friend. What do you love about them?

Warren says if they can't tell you about a long-lasting relationship they have or just being able to form some kind of substantial friendship with someone, it's not a good sign.

Whether it's their mom, sibling, or person they grew up with, she continues to say that if they can't describe them in a loving manner and can't share their attributes and qualities, "that's a problem."

No. 2: What's your tipping philosophy?

If you ask this question and they get defensive, the creator said they are probably a bad tipper and you shouldn't date them.

"This is pretty good. The tipping thing and how they treat waitstaff overall are huge make or break behaviors to watch on a date," one user commented.

However, there was some backlash to this inquiry, as some people wrote they think "the idea of tipping is wildly classist".

Others were curious about a second option question, as they live in different parts of the world that don't normally tip. She responded on her account with another recording to ask something hypothetical: "Imagine you're given a surprise inheritance from an estranged relative that you weren't expecting — like half a billion dollars — what would you do with it?"

No. 3: What's the largest age gap you've experienced in dating?

Warren described this question as "spicy". She said men are not used to not bragging about this question, so likely "they might tell on themselves".

The self-proclaimed dating expert said these don't all have to be asked on the first date, but probably within the first three times you go out with that person.

There also was a bonus tip.

"Don't volunteer information back after they've answered your question," she explains it's important not to answer your own question to keep the conversation going.

With this little nugget, you'll realize how much your date is inquiring about you rather than them.

"I’ve realized that most men don’t ask questions at all. I’ve stopped entertaining one sided conversations," one woman commented.

Warren agreed and due to the virality of the post, she continues to make more clips on TikTok giving her dating advice.

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Florida Associate Editor
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