Imagine having a voice in politics before you turn 25. That's a chance you could have by being on the Prime Minister's Youth Council. Canadians between the ages of 16 and 24 are encouraged to apply, and you'll even have any travel expenses paid for.

Being on the council gives young people a unique opportunity: to provide non-partisan advice right to Justin Trudeau himself while highlighting issues that are important to Canadian youth.

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Members also regularly interact with each other outside of meetings to discuss ideas and activities. They meet with local organizations, as well as other Members of Parliament and Cabinet Ministers.

On top of all the opportunities to engage in government, Youth Council members also have all of their travel and accommodations paid for if they are working in different cities.

The council doesn't just meet in Ottawa, but in places like Calgary, Montreal, Winnipeg, and even Iqaluit.

There is also the chance to get paid while working with your peers and the government.

According to the PMYC website, "Members are allocated a fixed remuneration for their time while conducting Youth Council business."

The time commitment for being on the Council is not too taxing, only requiring an average of 15 hours per month split between virtual and in-person meetings as well as activity planning sessions.

Scheduling of these events is also done with consideration toward other commitments such as school, work, or family.

To apply for a position on the PMYC, you'll need to create a profile on the website.

You'll then be sent a link to a form that includes long-form questions about your school, work, and life experience.

The application process may also take a few hours as questions involving subjects like your volunteer hours could require going through any old records you have.

If you make it through to the final round of applicants, you'll be notified by email. If you are ultimately chosen to be on the council, you'll be sent a training package to prepare for in-person meetings.