Job alert! Purolator is hiring for thousands of positions across Canada right now if you're looking for work. You can be a courier and deliver packages to people or be a mail sorter and make sure everything gets where it needs to be.

Purolator announced on June 30 that more than 1,100 jobs are being created all over the country.

That's because deliveries have gone up in the last three months to both homes and businesses and online shopping sales have gone through the roof.

The jobs that are available are for couriers and sorters which are located all across Canada.

They are part of the company's plan to add capacity to its package-delivery network. 

After that, another 1,000 employees will be hired as well in the next couple of months to get through the peak season and satisfy demand.

"Our service performance is solid, we are investing in urgent network capacity, speed and access," said John Ferguson, president and CEO, in a news release.

There are currently 12,000 employees with the package delivery company in Canada and that will soon change to be over 13,000 with these new jobs.

You can search for available positions and apply online.

Along with hiring new employees, Purolator is focusing on five priorities to help people and businesses adapt to the pandemic.

That includes investing in contactless deliveries, increasing network capacity, and making the online experience better for people getting packages as well as the ones shipping them.

Purolator is also working on social responsibility and sustainability.

Other parcel companies have also seen an increase in demand.

Canada Post said back in April that they were dealing with Christmas-like parcel levels which lead to delivery delays.

For anyone looking for work, there are lots of job opportunities out there for you.

Subway is hiring for almost 6,000 positions across Canada and the federal government has boosted the Canada Summer Jobs program with thousands of positions available.

Couriers & Sorters

Company: Purolator 

Why You Should Apply: If you're looking for work, there are thousands of jobs available across the country. You would be delivering packages or helping sort out mail to make sure it goes where it needs to.

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