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A Canadian Town Finally Changed Its Name From Asbestos To Something Prettier

Goodbye Asbestos, hello Val-des-Sources!
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Asbestos, Quebec Name Change Is Official & The New One Is So Pretty

It's official! With the Asbestos, Quebec name change, the town can now be called something much prettier that doesn't have any negative connotations.

Of the six options that people could choose from, Val-des-Sources got the most votes, 51.5%, after three rounds and is the new name of the town.

About 48.2% of the population who was eligible to vote did so which is 2,796 people.

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It's a name that represents our area, and especially, it's inspiring for the future.

Hugues Grimard

During a live stream announcement of the new name, mayor Hugues Grimard said that Val-des-Sources represents the town's area.

He noted that it's also "inspiring for the future."

The mayor hopes that the change will officially take effect in December but there are no promises on the timeline.

The losing choices for the new name were L'Azur-des-Cantons, Jeffrey-sur-le-Lac, Larochelle, Phénix and Trois-Lacs.

Originally, Apalone, Jeffrey, Phénix and Trois-Lacs were the options but citizens had concerns about it so new ones were put out.

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