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For an incredible fall adventure, you can hike to this waterfall in Canada that's even taller than Niagara Falls and surrounded by autumn leaves when the seasons change.

Montmorency Falls in Quebec City is a stunning waterfall that makes for a spectacular sight all year long.

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Bring on summer! As more and more tourist activities begin to open in Quebec, it's proven that even with social distancing, we can take advantage of the sunny season. The latest attraction is waterparks, but they aren't alone in the recent Quebec re-opening. In fact, the province is now bringing back almost every single sector with just three exceptions. 

The announcement was made by the province's top doc on Thursday, June 25 in the afternoon. Dr. Horacio Arruda unveiled the final phase of deconfinement, which includes the reopening of water parks, but also bars, spas and casinos.

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Winter is slowly getting ready to say goodbye, and you know what that means: the festival season in Quebec is starting soon! The hottest shows of the summer have wasted no time getting ready for the season. In fact, several festivals have wasted no time announcing their lineups. 

The most recent schedule was put out by the Festival d'été de Québec.

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Winter always comes with a mixed bag of emotions. Dealing with snowstorms and ice is never fun, but with so many winter sports and seasonal festivals, we all develop a love-hate relationship with the snowy months. Among the countless outdoor activities, a classic seasonal spot in Quebec attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and tourists by its beauty and originality: the Hôtel de Glace in Quebec. 

This hotel is definitely unique because, you guessed it, it is entirely built of ice.

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Leading up to Christmas, Santa Claus doesn't spend his time up in the North Pole. He's hanging out in a secret village within a forest in Quebec. Woodooliparc Village is a magical winter wonderland that will make you feel the Christmas spirit.

Every November, Frima: The Magic of Christmas transforms Woodooliparc into an enchanting Christmas village nestled between the trees near Quebec City. For more than a month, you can enjoy the Christmas magic and wonder that comes with the holiday season. 

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