Trump's Lawyer's Hair Dye Melting Onto His Face Yesterday Was Utterly Tragic (PHOTOS)

So much secondhand embarrassment. 😳
Rudy Giuliani's Sweat Steals The Show

All eyes are on President Trump's lawyer after his Washington, D.C. press conference on Thursday — specifically, on Rudy Giuliani's sweat.

Giuliani clearly worked up a sweat during his rant about election fraud, and he repeatedly wiped his face with a handkerchief.

Tragically, though, he missed the dark brown streak of hair dye melting onto his face.

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At this point, it's safe to say that the brown streak is almost as famous as the fly on Mike Pence's head during the vice presidential debate.

And it's yet another depiction of the hot mess that is 2020.

It seems that Giuliani's associates are not the type of people who would tell him if he had spinach stuck in his teeth. 

His animated facial expressions contribute to the wackiness of it all.

The lights and cameras certainly did not help. Yikes.