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Utah is absolutely obsessed with soda and apparently, a lot of us are only just now finding out thanks to the internet. Tiktok user Taylor Blender went viral in a video on "Sodie Culture" that amassed 3.1 million views and nearly 500,000 likes in a matter of weeks.

In her Tiktok captioned "Ask me anything about the Utah sodie culture", Taylor describes her experience working at a soda shop, and the enthusiastic customers she dealt with on a daily basis. She goes on to explain the specialty drinks which consisted of "two pumps of coffee creamer, four pumps of syrup, and the soda on top of it."

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Who's ready for an epic road trip? There are tons of food spots in the city, but these unique Colorado restaurants are worth the drive from Salt Lake. Get your playlist ready and prepare for the coolest foodie adventure of a lifetime. 

You can pretend you're Alice and dine down the rabbit hole or relax in paradise with tiki-themed decor and drinks.

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You don't have to go all the way south of the border to get a taste of delicious food and colorful cafes. Blue Iguana Restaurant in Salt Lake City is a dreamy eatery that will whisk you away to a Mexican riviera complete with mouthwatering dishes. You can enjoy a passport and luggage-free holiday without leaving the city.

Blue Iguana Restuarant in Salt Lake City is a dreamy spot that will whisk you away to another country without ever leaving Utah.

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If you like a lotta the 'chata, this spot will fill your sweet-spurred cravings. Normal® in Utah serves up horchata ice cream tacos dipped in yummy chocolate, and they are a bang for your buck. They combine all of the best flavors in the form of one tasty treat.

Not all desserts are created equal. Some of them need a little extra attention when they bring so many delicious tastes to the table.

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While you can find tons of hidden natural gems in the Beehive State, uncovering a secret speakeasy is just as rewarding as those concealed nature escapes. The Rest in Utah is an underground wonderland filled with random relics and eclectic decor. You'll want to visit more than once to seek out all of its secrets.

Tucked away underneath Bodega, The Rest in Salt Lake City can only be accessed in a hush-hush manner known only to those who have been.

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