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Normal® In Utah Serves Up Chocolate-Covered Horchata Ice Cream Tacos

If you like a lotta the 'chata, this spot will fill your sweet-spurred cravings. Normal® in Utah serves up horchata ice cream tacos dipped in yummy chocolate, and they are a bang for your buck. They combine all of the best flavors in the form of one tasty treat.

Not all desserts are created equal. Some of them need a little extra attention when they bring so many delicious tastes to the table.

Normal® in Salt Lake City, Utah, creates a horchata lover's dream in the form of ice cream tacos, which come dipped in chocolate sauce.

You can snag one for only $7, and they are much bigger than you might think.

The waffles shells are homemade, then filled with horchata ice cream before being dipped in dark chocolate and topped with chocolate pearls.

If you've never tried the sweet rice milk drink, the sugary and milky concoction will have you hooked from the first bite.

This 'chaco taco' looks tasty, but you can also explore the rest of their menu for the next time you swing by.

They offer everything from single-slices of ice cream cakes and dipped cones in a variety of flavors to full-size cakes perfect for any occasion.

You can opt for a snickerdoodle, and brown butter 'sando' that's served with brown butter ice cream smothered between homemade cookies.

Their store is open from noon to 8 p.m. daily, which means you have eight full hours to indulge in as many treats as you can handle.

You can go for just the sweet tacos, but you will probably stay for the rest of the menu.

If you want to visit their other location, it's a giant truck that serves up your choice of snacks. It's like the adult version of an ice-cream van.

No matter how you choose to 'chata, these taco filled wonders will rise to the top of your tasting list.


Price: 💸

Cuisine: Desserts

Address 1: 169 E. 900 S., Salt Lake City, UT

Address 2: 600 S. 700 E., Salt Lake City, UT

Why You Need To Go: You can get your favorite horchata flavors inside a delicious chaco taco.


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