You Can Take A Scenic Two-Hour Road Trip From Salt Lake To The 'Alps Of Nevada'

Drive, hike, enjoy!
Lamoille Canyon In Nevada Is The Perfect Adventure That Leads To A Blue Lake

If you love a two for one, this epic destination will give you all the perks of a scenic road trip and an excellent hike. Lamoille Canyon in Nevada is the perfect adventure that leads you to a dreamy blue lagoon nestled in a charming mountain range. The best part is it's only about two hours from Salt Lake City so that you can see two states in one day!

Lamoille Lake sits nestled in the stunning Ruby Mountains near Elko, Nevada.

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Lamoille Lake Trail that leads to the water is a challenging but incredible hike that will fill your day with wonder. 

If you've been craving an epic tour through stunning terrains, this short but sweet journey is for you.

There are several hikes to take advantage of when you get to the area. To reach the trails, you can follow FS Road 660.

According to the Forest Service website, the paths can be found at the end of this road.

You can also choose to drive the Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway if you would prefer a less taxing adventure.

The byway winds through awe-inspiring landscapes sure to give you the fresh air and magical vibes you're craving.

To explore the area, you'll have to get a $6 permit and there's a $3 recreation fee per entrant.

The Forest Service site advises that to reach the byway and the trails, you can take Interstate 80 to Lamoille Highway.

Once you follow the road to the turn-around at the end, you will find the hiking trails.

The lake itself is a stunning blue lagoon that sits at the bottom of a "rock-bowl" in the mountain range. 

While the hike itself might get somewhat challenging, the payout at the end is worth the effort.

Why not change up your road trips by adding not one, but two states and a magical lakeside destination?

Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway

Price: $6 permit fee, $3 recreation fee

Address: Elko, NV

Why You Need To Go: This stunning area will leave you speechless while you explore towering mountains, forests, and a blue glacier lake.


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