The San Antonio River Walk is one of the great Texas landmarks, and it has now become a Christmas wonderland.

For a good reason, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg decided to deck out the 15-mile walkway head to toe in thousands of holiday lights much earlier than normal.

That reason being this year has been terrible for just about everyone, and we could all use a little Christmas joy right about now according to Mayor Nirenberg.

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We need it now more than ever, so why wait? Mayor Ron Nirenberg 

In addition to the incredible experience of simply walking up and down the path, you can also consider participating in numerous special holiday events that take place on the river.

One of these events is the "Caroling Boats," where you and your gang of friends can rent a boat and take it through the river while singing your favorite holiday tunes for all of your loyal fans.

The best part about the river walk is that not only is it open 24-hours a day, it's also completely FREE, although you might find it difficult to not stop and get some famous San Antonio tacos along the way.

San Antonio River Walk 

Price: FREE

When: Now- January 3 | 24-hours a day 

Address: 849 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX

Why You Need To Go: This magical Texas landmark really goes above and beyond when it comes to Christmas. The river walk is an absolute must-see for the holiday season, and lucky for you, you have plenty of time to experience it this year.