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Taco Bell restaurants are beloved fast food spots famous for their cheap Mexican-inspired bites.

One location in California, however, is more popularly regarded for its unique site, which includes stunning seaside views and a full bar serving boozy renditions of the chain’s famous drinks.

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The culinary scene in California, especially San Francisco, is known for being home to some of the tastiest, yet most expensive, cuisines. It's mainly due to the cost of living, but there are inexpensive meals that can be found if you know where to look.

A content creator and local foodie named Tim (@bayareafoodies) accumulated a large fanbase of over 374.3K followers by revealing the hidden gems around town where you can find great food for an even greater price.

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From cheap eats to affordable housing in the Bay Area, lots of California residents know how to sniff out a great deal. A good example is this hidden gem in San Francisco that serves a delicious meal for the low cost of only $6, according to a professional foodie.

Tim (@bayareafoodies) has accumulated a total of 365,000 followers on TikTok, creating food and drink content, and sharing local hot spots where you can enjoy some of the best meals in the area.

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There's always something to do in the City by the Bay. The next time you go out for a night on the town, why not visit one of the fantastic San Francisco speakeasy locations on this list? You can go on the best hidden barhopping adventure across town and feel like a super sleuth doing it. 

From fake detective agencies to secret boozy locales inside an old bank, these bars are hidden in the best possible ways. Why not bring your BFFs and make a night of it or take your significant other on the cutest surprise date?

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